Customer Reviews

Below are the stories of several people who, like me, used the 1-2-3 Shrink program to shed unwanted weight. The program goes to work fast, and the customers below are living proof. Every one of these customers lost substantial weight in the first week after reading 1-2-3 Shrink.

So, does 1-2-3 Shrink really work? Just listen to some of our recent customers.


Frank Lost 5 Lbs. in Just One Week!

“I am so excited because I have lost 5 lbs. in just one week on the program. I went from 250 to 245 in one week.”

– Frank H.

Down 3 Pounds in 2 Days!

“I read the entire book the day I got it (this past Friday), and I’ve been re-reading it. I have to say, I started on Saturday and have lost 3 pounds over the weekend.”

– Sarah H.

1-2-3 Shrink Works Right Away

“I bought the book two days ago. I read it yesterday morning and applied it all day…I lost 3.5 pounds on this mornings weigh-inn!!!! I’m a male, 66 years old. My wife and I (she’s 75) will be doing this forever.“

– Steve D.


“I had a fabulous cheeseburger and a glass of wine today for dinner…and I don’t feel guilty at all.“

– Vee O.

Lose Weight Quickly & Easily

“Started 1-2-3 Shrink on 3/14/13 at 245.2 pounds. This AM (3/27/13) I am 236 pounds! This is the best I’ve ever done! Kudos to your life examples & suggestions! Good job!“

– Eric M.

Edie C. Lost Weight Overnight

“I haven’t felt so liberated since the first bra was burned! Thank you, Jenny. Started yesterday and lost a pound overnight! Can’t wait to see what the coming week will bring. Thank you again.”

– Edie C.

Finally Motivated to Lose Weight

“I have already read the whole book…. I love it!!!! I have lost a few pounds already…. I think having someone who has a no nonsense approach is really getting me motivated!!!!“

– Connie H.

Nothing Else Has Worked

“I have not finished reading the whole story yet but made a start yesterday with the 1-2-3 Shrink Diet. Lost 3 lbs. I have been trying to lose weight for the last three months using all sorts of methods and nothing has worked.“

– David W.

1-2-3 Shrink is the Easiest Thing I have Ever Done!

“I started on 1-2-3 [the] 1-2-3 Shrink Diet 5 days ago at 213 lbs. And today I am at 208.8. I am almost 85 years old, and have dieted most of my life. This is the easiest thing I have ever done! Thank you.“

– Jodie R.


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Note: Yes, these results are impressive but they are not typical of the average 1-2-3 Shrink customer. Most customers lose 1-2 lbs. per week.